Oxford Band Map

Brought to you by Beanie Tapes and bedd


Click and drag (or tap and drag) to move around the map.

Scroll up and down to zoom in and out.

Click on a dot to see details of the band or member.

Click on band/member names in the infobox to move around the map.


The Oxford Band Map was built by Ben and Silke from Beanie Tapes to help promote a new EP by bedd.

The members of bedd have all been in lots of Oxford bands over the years, so we thought it might be fun to map them out. We got a little carried away.

We came up with a lot of bands and connections from memory, then Silke spent an evening digging through random issues of Nightshift. So this map is by no means complete, and excludes whole scenes that we’re not familiar with. We’d love to fix that!

So we made a form where you can send us more bands, members and links. All the info you need to submit bands is on the form page:

Send us your bands!